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Unlike Civil cases, one must be careful handling crime charges. Even if you are innocent, chances of dispute is more in this modern world. You cannot avoid police cases or harassments sometimes. That too, Even though you don’t have any connections with accused or his unlawful work. There are two types of crime. They are broadly classified as follows.

  • White Collar Crime
  • Blue Collar Crime

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Firstly, What do you mean by white collar crime ?. Without hurting physically, people indulge in financial or property fraud. This is nothing but white collar Crime. Cyber crime is also a part of this. It is just an unlawful activity through telecommunication or Internet. Tamilnadu police department have separate cell for cyber crime. Any one can file a police complaint in district headquarters. Meanwhile, you can avail legal services from Criminal lawyers for drafting the complaint and follow ups. First step is to consult a Criminal Attorneys in Chennai. Never feel panic when somebody executes the crimes.

Criminal defense Advocates in India

To illustrate, TNPID & NDPS cases are major threats for the society. Specifically Legal consultants for those cases must be more informative. For instance, Law firms are very few in Chennai for such Litigation. Get the best Advice from Senior Counsels to tackle the issues in the same way. Actually you must give petition to police. First information report must be prepared by concerned investigation officer thereafter. Arrest of the accused must be initiated soon. If not, the culprit may escape. By getting an Anticipated bail, they may escape from cops harassment. Bail is a matter of right for each and every person. Vakils may help in this regard. Anyhow if the accused is habitual, he may be arrested and charged by Goondas Act. Likewise No bail is permissible for this Act.

Main Serious Criminal cases in Tamilnadu.

  1. Rape
  2. Murder
  3. Sexual harassment
  4. Dacoity
  5. Battery
  6. Larceny / Theft
  7. BurgTheft
  8. Motor Vehicle Theft
  9. Aggravated Robbery
  10. Robbery
  11. Domestic Violence
  12. Crime of Aiding and Abetting
  13. Drug Sale & Possession
  14. Adultry
Other Criminal Charges in India
Arson Fraud
Bribery Embezzlement
Aggravated Assault / Battery Hate Crimes
Child Abuse Forgery
Attempt Bribe Indecent Exposure
Computer & Internet based Crime Harassment
Child Abandonment Insurance Fraud
Credit / Debit Card Fraud Homicide
Child Pornography Manslaughter: Involuntary
Cyber Bullying Identity Theft
Conspiracy Medical Marijuana
Disturbing the Peace Kidnapping
Criminal Contempt of Court Money Laundering
DWI | Driving while intoxicated Manslaughter: Voluntary
Disorderly Conduct Murder: Second-degree
Drug Trafficking / Distribution MIP: A Minor in Possession
Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Perjury
Extortion Murder: First-degree
Open Container Law Prostitution
DUI | Drunken Drive | Driving under the influence
Defending Criminal charges with the help of Top Counsels.

Most of all, Posco is an act to protect children from sexual harassment. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POCSO Act) is most important in Indian judiciary system. Any person who are charged of false case of POSCO must contact Criminal Advocates. Of course they should be expert in it. Lastly, Our Law firms helps them to those charges.

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