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Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is an all in all law firms in Chennai. What do you mean by that? . Our lawyers offer the best “Legal support”. Team of our advocates practices both Civil and Criminal Cases on the whole. Our advocates deal with the following cases:

  • Family disputes
  • Company issues
  • International law
  • Government Service matters

When a Lawyer required?.

Pretty much everyone will seek a lawyer now or later in life. In any event this occurs to solve their legal issues or avoid problems. It might be as common as money suit or to buy a home or an accident. Get in touch with a lawyer to avoid issues of risk and get a criminal protection. Whatever, it is critical to have savvy and equipped direction.

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The legal issues are the greater part of us in most of the cases. Do not bother about the services of an Advocate. You may not know one or know how to find a good lawyer. Truth is stranger than fiction for you. Like most things in life, the more you if you want to know and you should read as much as possible. Selecting a Vakil is the same. We should begin toward the starting and work through the procedure.

Best Advocates advice in Chennai

Hello! We are leading lawyers in Chennai firstly. Please explore this website to resolve your legal issues in each case. Attorneys offer Legal Advice and Litigation Services in our law firm. The work places are Civil courts, Magistrate courts, District Courts, and High Courts. Senior counsels of Our Law firm mostly take care of Supreme Court of India cases.

Best Advocates in Chennai

Advocacy Consultation in India.

First of all, we are a team of High Court Counsels. Specifically, we Offer best Advocacy consultation in India . Of-Course, We are the Lawyers for Corporate segments. In Law Practices we are into are both Criminal and Civil cases. Attorneys of our law firm are the Top Legal consultants in Chennai. Moreover, we are an internationally recognized firm. Basically, we have clients all over the world. Moreover We serve for Companies and Families. Additionally we support Associations, Societies, NGOs, Social workers and Individuals. Also Foreign Nationals, NRIs, PIO, Etc.,.

Chennai Lawyers.

The best part is we have our Law Office in Chennai. Our Legal firm solves the most topical. At any rate we sort out significant litigation Issues across the Nation. At the same time, There are lot of Complicated and Challenging disputes. Our Clients contact us to resolve all types of such Legal Issues. A successful Business man will leave their problems as it is. They will always consult Senior ADVOCATES to overcome all their Legal headaches.

Indian Law firm for Corporate.

First, How do our Corporate Advocates protect the rights?. No doubt, they own remarkable experience and in-depth knowledge of Indian company law. In fact, we give the best legal services with substantive knowledge. At this point, we serve for both small business and corporate governance. By and large, Our Counsels offer and protect against issues and legal problems. They are Intellectual property rights law, Employment law, Inspector of factories, Defamation, etc.,. Our legal service extends to all type of industries. Mainly, we serve legal services for Food industries, Manufacturing sectors, Trading & foreign companies. To point out, our attorneys offer consultation located all over India. From here on Service industries get legal advice from us and so on.

Address details of Company Attorneys Chennai at Your Location

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Retainer-ship Attorneys in Chennai

Our Law firm Advocates work in Retainer-ship basis to be sure. To ponit out we offer legal advice round the clock with a regular monthly basis fees. Most of the Cases will not arise if you follow legal rules. In the first place, we offer the best methods to overcome the problems if it becomes Litigation.

Never ignore and hesitate to Contact an Advocate

Getting legitimate rights counsel is tough and costly today. One has to find the best attorney to solve all his legal issues. He must be an experienced and successful advocate. It may be costly given the high retainer charges. The top hourly charges for legal support, Litigation and guidance are common. Never hesitate to proceed further in any cause. Most people will not pay attention to the small issue in the beginning stage. From here on, this may be in a many things. For instance, they may be in family or business. Furthermore, Those may arise in neighborhood, day today affairs, entertainment, asset management, etc.,. In any case, it is dangerous to skip the problems in first stage. For this reason, our Lawyers are experts in providing legal solution to avoid issues.

Handling legal issues with the help of a leading Lawyer

Discussion with family members still is the first action to do immediately. Even a small hint will save you from deadly dangerous issues. But never try any legal solution by yourself. Your opponent may be strong and oppose you with the help of a good lawyer. Another key point is choosing a good advocate who is friendly and listen’s to your problem.

Getting legal advice from the Top Attorneys in Chennai

In brief, telling your problems to your family members is good and correct. To sum up, getting a legal advice with their experience is the worst thing. This may lead to the most stressful and negative decisions at the present time. You can get simple ideas to move towards the success to begin with. Your relatives will give you the general true and genuine ideas but it may not work out for your problems. So do not follow the instructions of general public who don’t have knowledge about the Law. Advocates only can help you to move in right direction without delay.

A good Advocate will be your best friend to Save you

Friends will support you in facing any problem but legal advises from the loyal friend will not help you. They can guide you in entertainment or helping in good occasions. Those are useful for festivals, financial help, and business ideas. Your friends and neighbours cannot give the legal services. Only a good lawyer can be your best friend to listen to your problems and solve all legal issues. Just reduce your stress by having a legal consultation from our Advocate in Chennai.

Legal Support by Our Vakils in Chennai

Few people will talk about legal points and laws. By the way, it is just by reading the news papers and blogs. Here this is above all dangerous. They will especially believe the newspaper and magazine articles. Most of all, those may not be correct. The news about law published in internet and other media may be wrong. Never approach your problem without an Advocate’s help. The Proper route shown by your vakil will lead to success. The path which is you follow by your previous experience will not lead to legal solution. So Contact our Attorneys whenever you need legal help and support services.

Advocates for business in Chennai

Particularly, an Entrepreneur will have to start his own business. Thus, he should particularly run and earn profits. There will be a lot of challenges to face. Any business man will have profit and loss. The losses incurred may be due to the ignorance of law. He should register his company and pay taxes. Those are excise, customs and other professional tax and levies. They may not be aware of the Government rules and regulations. Hiring a good Lawyer will solve these issues. The penalty may be high compared to the revenue. The loss may be huge than the investment. The business man should have an Advocate. In essence he should be capable of organizing the company. Moreover, follow certain norms to run the Business. In short, Our Attorneys are experts in Legal Advice for companies.

Attorneys for Government matters in Business

One must handle the letter or Notices from Government departments with care. Particularly, they have to handover it to your Legal Retainer. First get all details of Dos and Don’ts. Start and get the legal things done as soon as possible. You may fall into the most dangerous problems in a moment. Particularly it may happen when you ignore the notices.
Generally many Government officers will not bother about the Entrepreneurs problems. They will not guide them to avoid legal problems. The business people incur the greatest loss due to Simple mistakes. This might be also in a simple transaction. Besides employee – Employer relationship must be good. One can achieve this only if they maintain every book and register as per law in particular. Here our Advocate will help you in Employment Law in conclusion.

Best Legal Advisors in Chennai for Multinational Companies

Some people fail to insure the company against fire accidents and other disasters. Here Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates will provide legal help. you can get all legal works done indeed. In few cases the competitor will defame you in public media. In that case we’ll protect you from defamation. Your clients may breach the contracts. In that case, we will help you to solve by the legal actions on the whole. Of course our Lawyers are expert in it. Our Law firm in Chennai handles all cheque bounce cases and antitrust issues.

Criminal Advocate for Bail orders

False allegation against an innocent person will lead to arrest in most of the cases. One should be careful while making a decision when you face a Criminal case. The police will have to follow and enforce the law and Acts as per the order of the higher official. Even though they know that you are not a person to do that crime, they have to follow the orders. They don’t have powers to avoid your arrest. Our criminal lawyers will help you to get Bail orders. Our Advocates will get the anticipatory bails to avoid arrests and harassment. On the positive side one should inform and update the real position of the case.

Top 10 Lawyers for Property legal opinion

Buying an immovable property is not a joke. Everybody should follow certain process while buying a property. Land or House or any commercial shops comes under this category. Legal opinion should be the first thing to get from a Civil Lawyer in Chennai. they should be the qualified and experienced person in property law. Verification of the Parent documents along with the encumbrance certificate is mandatory. Our Property Attorneys are experts in the best legal opinion. We give legal support in Purchases of immovable properties in Chennai.

No.1 Lawyer for Resolution Rental Issues between Land Lord & Tenant

Landlord Vs Tenant is one of the most critical issues in India. Many Property owners in Chennai will always expect the higher revenue. Yes, Due to this greedy nature, they letdown for rent at higher Rent and suffer. The Rental agreement should not be a copy of one of the previous property contract to be sure. Each property which should be letdown for rent must have a unique Agreement by all means. Attorneys should draft those documents in sum to ovoid legal complication. In short, Most of the RCOP cases in Chennai are due to ignorance of Owners or Tenants. Finally, Advocates from our Law firm are experts in Litigation services. We solve Rent Control issues at Chennai in conclusion.

Contacts of Lawyers in Chennai

Finding the right lawyer is going to take a touch of work on your part. First of all, you can begin by checking the Business index or sites. Yet the best means is to ask people you know or experts in your group for referrals. You can likewise check with the state bar association. One can also find attorneys in Madras high court advocates association in Chennai. Every court premise will have one or more lawyer associations all over tamilnadu. In essence, this is useful to choose Vakils in your general vicinity. Additionally counsel of lawful referral is must. Whatever you do or anyway you start your hunt, you should do your due ingenuity. The more you know, the all the more fulfilling the after effects of your inquiry.

Just contact us for the best advocate in Chennai.

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