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Find the Best Rated Law Firm in India. AskAdvocates Law Chamber Legal Consultancy & Litigation Services, Law office is one of the Top Law firms across the globe. AskAdvocates Law Chamber: A Global Force In Legal Defense, one of the all in all Top law firms in India. What do you mean by that? Our High Court Lawyers in AskAdvocates Law Chamber offer the best “Legal support” in Chennai. A Team of our Advocates in Chennai practices both Civil and Criminal Cases as Well as Corporate Laws. Search the Best Rated Attorneys of our law firm are the Top Legal consultants in Chennai. Basically, Madras high court ADVOCATES IN INDIA from this Law associates have clients all over the world. Moreover, Here Top Advocates in Chennai High Court serve Companies and Families. Find and Choose the Best Attorneys in India.

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AskAdvocates Law Chamber Legal consultancy & Litigation Services [ High court attorneys for Criminal & Civil Cases ] is a team of High Court Counsels. Specifically, Top Advocates in Chennai Offer the best Advocacy consultation in India. Of-Course, this is the legal team of the Advocates for Corporate segments. In a Law Practice, we are into both Criminal and Civil cases.

The best part is we have our Law Office in Chennai. Our Legal firm solves the most topical. At any rate, Top Advocates in this Law firm sort out most of the Litigation Issues across the Nation. At the same time, There are a lot of tough and hard disputes. Our Clients contact the Best Advocates in this Law firm to resolve all types of such Legal Issues. A successful Businessman leaves their problems as it is. They always consult Senior LAWYERS IN CHENNAI to win over all their Legal issues.

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AskAdvocates Law Chamber Legal Consultancy & Litigation Services is the best Law firm for Leading Lawyers in Chennai firstly. Please have a look at this website to resolve your legal issues in each case. Attorneys in India offer Legal Advice and Litigation Services in our law firm.  The workplaces are Civil courts, Magistrate courts, District Courts, and High Courts. Senior counsels of this Law firm mostly take care of Supreme Court of India cases.


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First of all, Are you facing a Legal issue? Just make an Appointment for a Legal Advice. If you can join convey your issue in a couple of minutes, just tell you problem and ask for a Solution. In case, if you feel comfortable, you can engage or hire that lawyer.

When ever you face an issue with regards to your civil rights, Just consult a Lawyer immediately to protect it. One must approach the appropriate forum for the remedy with the Help of a Human Rights attorney.

Do you want to buy a property? Get a Legal Opinion and get the tile verified. If you are struck up with property litigation, just meet a Real estate Attorneys and resolve it immediatly
If you are a Victim of forgery, Just file a Police complaint duly drafted by a Senior Criminal Lawyer. Meanwhile If you are charged falsely by cops, just get an Anticipatory bail and contest the case with Top Ranking Trial Lawyers (Criminal Defense Attorney)
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Advocate Saravvanan R | Top Ranking Criminal Lawyers in Chennai India | Petition in SC seeks the transfer of petitions on the 'uniform civil code’ Gender-based differences in religious beliefs, caste, and sects will end. The comprehensive united gender-neutral law religion-neutral law will be forwarded at the national level and will equally apply to all citizens, the request added that it will not only promote national brotherhood and integration but also secure gender justice and dignity of women. The request states that the uniform civil code or Indian civil code is always seen as a spectacle of religious appeasement. A petition has been submitted at the Supreme Court who is looking for a petition transfer of uniform civil code problems, waiting in the Delhi High Court, to the APEX court to avoid multiplicity of litigation. The request submitted by the Advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay noted that five PIL were looking for uniform laws at the age of minimum marriage, divorce land, benefits, adoption trusters, and succession inheritance delayed at the Supreme Court. It is said that implementing the uniform civil code for all citizens in the lines of Indian criminal codes will free people in the country from hundreds of complex and outdated laws. The petition submitted through Advocate Ashwani Kumar Dubey also looked for the center to form a Judicial Commission or Expert Committee to compile a uniform civil code within three months while considering the best practices of all personal laws and civil laws from developed countries and conventions. "Gender-neutral religious law, religions-neutral will apply to all Indians, Hindus or Muslims, Zoroastrians or Christians, with respect to the will, charity, divinity, trusteeship, the share of custody, etc. Gender-based differences in caste and Religious sects would end. "Unified gender neutrality and religious neutral law will be passed at the national level and will equally apply to all citizens," said the plea added that it would not only promote the brotherhood and national integration but also secure justice and Gender neutrality. The Plea states that "uniform civil code or Indian civil code" is always seen as a "spectacle of religious appearance ''. The Supreme Court or the High Court cannot ask the government to implement a constitutional article 44 but can direct the center to form a committee to prepare the design of the Uniform Civil Code, Plea said. "The Supreme Court and the High Court can direct the center to form a Judicial Commission or Expert Committee to study the uniform Civil Code from developed countries and laws that apply in India and make the concept of the 'Indian Civil Code', combining common good, and public discussions can begin on this subject, "he said.
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AskAdvocates Law Chamber Legal Consultancy & Litigation Services is one of the best Law Firms in India because it holds a team of lawyers who are highly trained professionally and experienced. If you need real justice and assistance, contact Askadvocates Law Chamber because they not only provide valuable advice but also give you a platform where you do not need to drag your life in the case for hidden motives like what other companies do. Be happy to have met with Mr.Saravvanan Rajendran, a lawyer who is humble and enthusiastic. Thank you for making my life easier and smooth. Stay blessed.
Jeffrey Ponibass
Chennai India
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