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What is the meaning of Goondas ?.

Goodas Act deals firstly to Prevent the Dangerous Criminal Activities in Tamilnadu. Drug-guilty parties, Bootleggers, Forest-wrongdoers are basically Goondas. Others are Immoral Traffic Offenders, Slum-grabbers and Video Pirates Act (Tamil Nadu Act 14 of 1982.

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Moreover, “Video Pirates” was not included by Act 32 of 2004. In fact, Section 2(f) states “Goonda implies a man, who either without anyone else or as an individual from or pioneer of a posse frequently confers. More than that it endeavors to submit or abets the commission of offense. They are culpable under Chapter XVI or Chapter XVII or Chapter XXII of the Indian Penal Code (Central Act XLV of 1860)”.

As per 2011 decision of the Madras High Court, even a solitary offense under the Act licenses confinement of a man as a Goonda.

Criminal Advocates for Goondas act.

Not all Criminal attorneys work for these issues. Of-Course, Lawyers in Madras high court at our firm are experts in it. Normally the Vakils clear all the charges in the Advisory Board. In many cases, put up charges are problematic.

Senior Criminal Advocates for Goondas arrest
Who is the best criminal lawyer in Chennai for breaking Goondas ?.

Most of all, Goondas act is used to punish Habitual criminals. Due to various reasons, the chances of political persons arrest is high with this act. The bail is not permissible here. One have to spend their time in prison is they are under arrest with Goondas

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Most of the time, the criminals will escape and innocent will get into trouble. Mainly, Senior counsels of our law firm are experts in helping our clients. Just defending the charges alone will not workout. One should make the investigation officer very clear that you are ignorant and innocent. Finally, There must not be any connection between you and the culprits.

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