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Lawyers for Marriage registration in chennai
Marriage Registration Lawyers play an important role in a Family Marriage Registration Attorneys in Chennai The act of marriage exists in India from Ancient ages. The pith of wedding registration service continues as before. Of-Course, Few of the things which have changed are the different strategies. ie., the traditions performed in marriages. In […]

Marriage Registration Advocates

Lawyers for Domestic violence cases in Chennai
Domestic violence Case Lawyers in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Domestic Violence is firstly the point at which somebody utilizes oppressive conduct to control. In fact, This is a hurt to an individual in their family, or somebody with whom they have a cozy relationship. Physical and psychological mistreatment Most of all, Domestic Violence […]

Domestic Violence Cases

Advocates for professional negligence in Chennai, Tamilnadu
Professional Negligence Cases Real estate profession is firstly a critical one where in huge money transaction takes place. In fact You must sign written contract along with your land agent witness. If Your agent indeed breaches that contract, you can sue your agent for breach of contract. Furthermore have a separate legal claim […]

Professional Negligence litigation

Assets Protection Advocates in Chennai
For every person or any Business organisation, Asset Management is most important. Protection of property is not a Joke in thickly populated country like India. If a Land or house is purchased in Chennai, It has to be property maintained by paying taxes and secure it with care and regular […]

Assets Protection Service

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is a legal consultancy firm. In addition, We are experts in registration of properties at Chennai, Tamilnadu. We provide legal service right from drafting of documents till the registration. Furthermore, our expert  lawyers team will assist in possession and acquiring of documents. Lawyers for Registration […]

Property Registration Services

Advocates for Land Grabbing in Chennai Tamilnadu
Best Advocates in Chennai for Land grabbing problems Real estate is a fast growing business in India. Tamilnadu is a ever growing location in South. Particularly, Chennai is the capital city for all four states. This prevails even though they have their own capital cities. Disputes in land has become common […]

Land Grabbing Issues