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Civil Litigation Advocates in Chennai Can you resolve civil dispute instantly ?. Yes, you can resolve with the help of Senior Civil Lawyers  If you believe that you can, then it is possible. Moreover, If you’ve negative impact in judiciary system, then you can’t. Of course these differs case to […]

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Is Free Legal Consultancy service offer available in Chennai?.. Yes but it is rare in Madras high court. Firstly, Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates give the best Legal advice. Litigation service by Chennai Senior counsels are not free. In fact, Consultation offers of our Law firm will be useful. Here, We […]

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Corporate Law Services offered by Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates firstly in Chennai. Legal services by corporate lawyers Our Law firm indeed give legal services on corporate law. This is all in all for a company to do a separate legal identity. A company has its own legal liabilities and legal […]

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Professional Negligence Cases Real estate profession is firstly a critical one where in huge money transaction takes place. In fact You must sign written contract along with your land agent witness. If Your agent indeed breaches that contract, you can sue your agent for breach of contract. Furthermore have a separate legal claim […]

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Firstly, Rights for Labours are an indispensable piece of financial advancement of each nation. Furthermore, it exists across the globe. To illustrate and make sure these rights, each country has passed certain labour laws. Certainly, They tend to the confinements and legitimate advantages of the works and their associations. These laws are […]